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I know he he had a part in the recent Adam Sandler film funny people. Idk if he has been in anything else though.

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Q: Has eminem been in any other films than 8 mile?
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Is Eminem in any films?

yeah 8 mile

What films were Eminem in?

The Wash (2001)8 Mile (2002)

What movies where Eminem in?

Eminem has been in one movie called 8 mile which is all about his life. that is the only movie that he has been in

What movies have eminem been in?

8 mile and funny people

What was the name of the first major movie Eminem appeared in?

The first major film is 8-Mile but he has appeared in a couple other films before then like 2001 film The Wash.

Who played Eminem on 8 mile?

Eminem played eminem on 8 mile. Actually eminem plays Jimmy a character who is very similar to him.

Who won in 8 mile eminem or papa doc?


Was eminem in any movies or shows?

Eminem is in the movie 8-mile

What is the hat that eminem is wearing in 8 mile called?

the hat eminem wears in the film 8 mile is refferd to as a beanie.

What is Eminem famous for?

8 mile

What hats does Eminem wear in 8 Mile beanie and a?

the 8 mile movie is about eminem

What movie is eminem famous for?

8 mile