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No! And that is not the Jedi way to teach someone a lesson

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yes. a lot of times on the arm. like in the end of Star Wars the clone wars season 2 episode 6 Weapons Factory

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Q: Has ahsoka tano ever been spanked by anakin?
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Twice. In Season 4 Episode 15, Obi-Wan faked his death in order to go undercover for a stealth-like mission, but Ahsoka was able to hold back her tears. In the end of Season 5, when she leaves the Jedi Order, a tear falls down her face as she walks away

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Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader is dead. The celebration is over. Luke has restored the Jedi. As he works to regain the power of the Jedi, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi have a reunion. "Master! I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for what I did. What drove me to it? A false love. I thought it would save her..." Anakin started trying to confess to his master, but was cut off. "It's fine Anakin. What's done is done. Now relax, we can all relax now. Go talk to some people you know. Enjoy yourself. The worries of the galaxy are beyond us now. Look, it's Padme. Go say hello to her." Anakin nodded, and walked over to his wife. "Hey Padme." Anakin said, shyly sidling up next to the beautiful Naboo senator. "Hello Anakin." She smiled, "I knew there was still good in you." And with that, she embraced him. "It's been scary, having a constant flow of Jedi coming here, dead. But Anakin, there is one face I haven't seen yet..." Padme whispered in his ear, still hugging him tightly. "Who?" He asked softly. "Ahsoka. She's still alive. Obi-Wan has appeared to her, but she seems to ignore her Force ability now." Padme said. "Should I go to her?" Anakin asked, stepping back from their embrace to look into Padme's face. "Ask Obi-Wan." Padme shrugged. "Okay," And with that, Anakin went back to his Master. "Obi-Wan? Padme and I were talking, and I was wonering, should I go see Snips?" Anakin asked, walking up to his master and Master Tachi. "Um... I don't know if you'll want to see what happened to her..." Obi-Wan said gently. "Master, do you know what I've seen as Darth Vader? I think I can handle it." Obi-Wan shrugged, said 'excuse me' to Siri, and transported himself and Anakin to a rather large hut on Shili. At first they were both invisible, but soon they become but transparent. It was a dimly lit room; they could just barely make out the red tapestries hanging on the wall. The floor was a fuzzy red carpet, wit one golden and red rug on the ground right under the light in the middle of the room. On the rug sat a very mature Togruta, deep in meditation. When Anakin looked closer, he realized this Togruta was none other than his very own Ahsoka! She had grown up, and was now in her thirties; she now had the proud mature face of a woman Togruta, her head tails had grown out, and her form was now altogether more grown-up. "Ahsoka?" Anakin whispered, stepping closer to her. "Go away." She said, not opening her eyes, her voice ringing clearly, though she had only whispered. "Snips?" he asked, as if making sure this was the right person. "Do not call me that, Vader." She said coldly. "What? Why are you being so distant, Ahsoka?" Anakin pressed, getting ever closer to the sitting figure. "Do you even know what you did?" Ahsoka finally opened her eyes. They were no longer the light blue Anakin remembered. They were now navy blue. As she had matured, her eyes had become sulken, her face narrow and sullen. She had gone through dark times. "I am here, alone, all thanks to you. You had been my role model! I had wanted to be just like you! In the end, I turned out more like you than I had intended. I had been engaged, against the rules. But then, you made him turn on me." her voice grew weak as she talked, and cracked on the last word. She looked at her lap, not daring to look at the man before her any longer. "He? Ahsoka, you aren't telling me something." "I don't need to tell you anything!" She spat angriy, looking back up suddenly. "But you still can. Ahsoka, please, let me help." Anakin said softly, kneeling by her side. By this time, Obi-Wan decied that the two needed to be alone. "No, you can't help. Everything is past the point of repair. You ruined my life, Skywalker, don't you see that? You turned Rex against me! My fiance! Yes, we were going to get married. But he tried to kill me! He, he shot at me, told the others to shoot to kill. I-I killed him. Like a black widow, like you. I killed my whole squad that day." She looked down again. Tears slowly trickled down her sullen features. "I'm so sorry Ahsoka." "Sorry won't bring him back. Sorry won't fix these years of sorrow. I'm scarred, for life. I will live out my last days in this forsaken hut, alone." Ahsoka exclaimed, jumping to her feet. "Ahsoka, it seems you are not telling me all that has happened. Besides Rex, who did you lose?" Anakin asked, trying to make sense of her attitude. "You killed them. Jaylen and Naje, my friends. They were at the Temple when you came and killed them! You are a monster. It's pleasing to see you're dead. The only thing unpleasant is that I'm not the one who killed you. Please, just go back to where you came from. You are not wanted here." Ahsoka said, turning away from Anakin's apparition. "I hate you. Go away." Anakin, taken aback, silently disappeared, leaving Ahsoka alone to weep.

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