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Q: Has Zack ryder ever been WWE champion?
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Has there ever been a british WWE champion?

No. There has never been a British WWE Champion. The wrestler "British Bulldog" came very close to being the WWE champion. He was the number one contender multiple times. However, his career was over due to a sudden heart attack. Apart from him, the only other prominent WWE wrestlers of British origin are "William Regal" and "Wade Barret". Wade Barret has a very promising future and he may become the first British born wwe champion.

What ever happened to Michael Champion who was in Toy Soldiers and Total Recall Is he still alive?

he is in Wyoming.

Did Zack and Kelly ever get married on Save By The Bell?

Zack and Kelly DID get married on Saved By The Bell... the last four episodes of the complete series (which takes place after The College Years) are called collectively "Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas" and it is periodically shown on TBS in the US. Look up Saved by the Bell on wikipedia to get more information.

Who is edges tag team partner?

Edge has had alot of tag team partners here are 5 of them... Edge & Christian Edge & Randy Orton ( Rated rKO ) Edge & Curt Hawkins Edge & Zack Ryder Edge & Chris Jericho Hawkins & Ryder looked up to Edge. Christian was like a brother to Edge. And Orton & Edge both HATED D-Generation-X so they tagged up and beat them for the tag titles. Edge teamed up with Jericho at THE BASH 2009 and won the tag titles. But Now Edge and Jericho hate one another! At Wrestlemania 26, Edge will face Jericho for the heavyweight title. Well, It's 2010 now. And Edge is left partner-less. ya who ever did that they frogot the big 1 edge and lita

Did Jonas brother visit Egypt before?

Never ever ever been to Egypt before.. They have been to a BILLION of other places, but not Egypt.

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Will WWE raw's Zack ryder ever get championship gold of any kind?

if u remembered right u would know that Zack ryder is a former wwe tag team champion with curt Hawkins. woo woo woo u know it!

Has the Ryder cup ever been stolen?

No it was not stolen.

Has miz ever been WWE champion?


Has Batista ever been the WWE champion?


Has Jeff Hardy ever been European champion?


Has Rey Mysterio ever been World Heavyweight Champion?

Yes, he's been it twice

Was undertaker ever heavyweight champ?

from the starting of wwe the undertaker has been heavyweight champion.

Was mick foley ever been WWE hard core champion?

yes but 1 time

Will Kane ever win the world heavyweight championship?

In my opinion yes. kane has been wwe champion and ecw champion but i think yes to the world championship.

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Zack Webster is the best basket ball player ever. the worst ever is Reggie Patterson Zack Webster always be beating "red flame".

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