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He starred in Little Ashes, The Summer House, Remember Me, Water for Elephants, Cosmopolis, Mission: Blacklist.

He co-starred with Kristen Stewart in all five Twilight movies. He co-starred with Guy Pearce in The Rover, and co-starred with Naomi Watts in Queen of the Desert. He will also co-star with Viggo Mortensen and Rachel Weisz in Map to the Stars.

he is starring in twilight and new moon. he is signed on for eclipse, but not breaking dawn, while Kristen Stewart is signed on for all the twilight movies.

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New Moon


Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix

Vanity Fair

The Summer House

How To Be

Bel Ami

The Haunted Airman

Ring Of The Nibelungs

Remember Me

Water For Elephants

The Bad Mothers Handbook

Little Ashes

Love and distrust


NOT HARRY POTTER AND THE Order of the Phoenix

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Robert Pattinson

- 6ft 1in - birthday may 13

- bluish gray eyes - likes eminem

- blondish brown hair

-favorite color is gray

- used to b a model

- two sisters

- born in London

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Robert Pattinson's accomplishments are, playing the guitar, and the piano, and he can sing He was also in Harry Potter 4 as Cedric Diggory.

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2008 Hollywood film award. 2009 & 2010 MTV movie award, 2010 peoples choice award, 2008 festival prize., 2009 & 2010 teen choice award,

that's itt.(:

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Robert can sing and act!!!

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Q: Has Robert Pattinson won any awards?
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How many Grammys has Robert Pattinson won?

Robert Pattinson has won three Grammy awards.

Awards Taylor Lautner won at the MTV movie awards?

no. Taylor lautner is NOTHING compared to Robert Pattinson!!!!! :)

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robert swindells won about 28 awards

How many awards did Kristen Stewart win for new moon?

Kristen was nominated for 8 awards and won a total of 5 awards. These were: BAFTA for Rising Star (won) Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards Cutest Couple: (With Taylor Lautner (won)) (With Robert Pattinson (Nominated)) MTV Movie Awards: Best Female Performance (won) Best KIss (Shared wit hRobet Pattinson (won)) Teen Choice Award - Choice Movie Actress Fantasy (won) Golden Rasberry Awards - Worst Screen Couple: (Shared With Robert Pattinson (Nominated)) (Shared with Taylor Lautner (Nominated))

Who won the award for best kiss at the MTV movie awards?

Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart for their twilight kiss

Awards that Robert Pattinson has ever gotten?

Robert Pattinson has won the New Hollywood award at the Hollywood Film Festival, and the Best Actor in a Feature Film award for the movie How To Be at the Strasbourg Film Festival.

What awards did Twilight win?

i think twilight won about 13 awards or more! but i only know a few of them. like best kiss Robert pattinson and Kristen Stewart, best fight cam giadant and Robert pattinson, and fresh face Ashley greene!!!

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Best Female preformance - Kristen Best Kiss - Kristen and Robert Pattinson Best Film - Kristen and cast of Twilight

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