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i wish he would

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Q: Has Mark Lanegan ever covered Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah?
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What is the meaning of Leonard cohens song the guests?

I think it's about people (the Jews) coming to the concentration camp during WWII and the emotional landscape around that.

Is reed a Jewish name?

Most people with the last name "Reed" are Christian or Agnostic/Atheist, but there are some Jews with the last name Reed. There are very few actually "Jewish" last names where you can be reasonably certain the person having that name is Jewish (one such being Cohen/Cohan, which comes from a Hebrew word meaning "priest"), because "last names" are mostly an invention of relatively recent times and Jews have historically tended to take last names from the culture in which they found themselves living when the whole "last name" thing got started. Most last names that are thought of as "Jewish" in the US are really German names (and wouldn't be thought of as especially "Jewish" in Germany or Austria), because a lot of German Jews immigrated to the US to escape persecution. A lot of Polish Jews did too, but we normally don't think of Polish last names as being terribly Jewish: a lot of non-Jewish Poles also immigrated to the US, which "dilutes" the perceived Jewishness of Polish names. Most non-Jewish Germans who immigrated to the US did it early enough in US history that their names have a) been Anglicized (Schmidt to Smith, Klein to Kline or Cline) or b) have been around so long they're not thought of as being particularly "ethnic" anymore (Lang, Weber, Keller). One thing that makes it even trickier is that last names are usually passed down from the father's side, but "Jewishness" is, by Jewish custom, passed down through the mother. If your mother was Jewish, you're Jewish. If your father was Jewish and your mother wasn't, as far as Orthodox Jews are concerned you're a Gentile unless you explicitly convert to Judaism. So even some Cohens are not "Jewish".

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June Chandler has: Played Airline Hostess in "The Donna Reed Show" in 1958. Played Mary Hagen in "Death House" in 1987. Performed in "The Story of Book One" in 1987. Played Margaret Brice in "No Way Out" in 1987. Played June Cleaver in "Scrooged" in 1988. Played Secretary in "The Boost" in 1988. Played Judy Moore in "The New Adam-12" in 1989. Played Barbara Walters in "Tyson" in 1995. Played Mrs. Rawlings in "The Silencers" in 1996. Performed in "The Guilt" in 1996.

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Who did Bon Jovi duet with on Leonard cohens song hallelujah?

He does not duet with anyone, he sings it by himself.

Did Elvis Presley ever sing hallelujah?

No, Elvis never sang or recorded Leonard Cohens "Hallelujah", since that song was written 7 years after Elvis died... Very difficult for him to record anything then, 7 years dead... The video in YouTube, claming it to be Elvis, is Ron Jesse singing... in 2011...

Who covered leonerd cohens lover lover lover?

anish the diya lover

What is the meaning of Leonard cohens song the guests?

I think it's about people (the Jews) coming to the concentration camp during WWII and the emotional landscape around that.

How long was Leonard cohens career?

Cohen gained grassroots acclaim as a poet in the early 1960s. His fame grew slowly with the releases of his music albums. He writes, records and performs to this day.

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if you look up Sasha cohen in wikipedia, then basically her whole life comes out!:)