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No no no, he's a good guy.

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Q: Has Gary Barlow ever cheated on his wife?
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Who is the wife of Gary Barlow?

Dawn Barlow

Who is the wife of Gary?

Dawn Barlow

What is Gary barlow's wife called?


What is Gary Barlow wife's name?

she is called dawn

What is Gary barlows family tree?

Farther - Colin Barlow Mother - Marjorie Barlow Wife - Dawn Andrews Gary and his wife Dawn have three children, Daniel, Emily and Daisy (born 2009). On 19 February 2012, Barlow announced that he and his wife Dawn were expecting their fourth child. It was later announced by Barlow that their daughter, named Poppy, had been delivered stillborn on 4 August 2012.

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Who is Gary barlow married to?

Gary Barlow's wife is called Dawn Barlow. Dawn was a backing dancer on Take That's Nobody Else tour, and they got together then. Dawn is still a professional dancer and was a main dancer on the Beautiful World tour. (She's Howard Donald's dance partner in It Only Takes A Minute, and is also introduced) :)

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