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Not yet except for PETA but she is ready to bare it all in a movie

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Q: Has Eva Mendes ever posed fully nude?
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No, she has not posed nude.

Did Natalie Sawyer ever do nude modeling?

No, Natalie Sawyer has never posed nude.

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No, according to her, she did 'bikini stuff', but never posed nude

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No, but she has posed nude for the Norwegian edition of Playboy in 1999.

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As of May 2014, Olivia Newton John has never posed nude for magazines or television. She does not seem to have any plans to pose nude in the future.

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As of August 2014, Pink has posed nude for a magazine cover. However, everything was covered on her body and no female parts were shown.

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Tina Yothers has appeared naked in the privacy of her own home. However, no information has been released indicating that Tina Yothers has ever posed in the nude for the general public.

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No. Nude photos of Fergie on the Internet are the results of photoshopping and other forms of image manipulation.

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Jessica Alba has a non-nude contract which means she will never appear fully nude on screen unless she decides to change the contract.

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