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Eminem has his own studio (Shady Records). His studio is in his house.

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Shady records

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Q: Has Eminem got his own studio?
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How long has eminem been active?

20 years. Eminem was first introduced to the rap world by local Detriot rapper Champtown, who got Eminem his first studio time and gave him his first music video appearance in the 1992 song "Do-Da-Dipity".

Eminem saids he is in the studio Where is Eminem music studio Detroit or New York it seems Shade 45 and Shady Records is New York based?

Slim Shady's studio is in Detroit! Yes a few times

What kind of mic does eminem use in studio?

An MXL 990

Did Eminem get his GED?

Yes, Eminem has got his GED

Does Eminem wright his own lyrics?

Yes Eminem does wright his own lyrics

Who got popular first eminem or lil Wayne?

Eminem did.

How many albums has Eminem wrote?

7 studio albums since Recovery.

Who is writing Eminem's songs?

Nobody, Eminem writes his own songs, he even writes his own freestyles!

How did they find Eminem?

Dr. Dre heard a tape of Eminem rapping at the Rap Olympics, and said he wanted to hear him in the studio, The rest is history.

Who wrotes Eminem songs?

Eminem writes all of his own songs.

Did eminem die and get replaced?

No,Eminem is alive and never got replaced by anyone.

What year did Eminem's second album come out?

Eminem's second studio album "The Slim Shady LP" came out on February 23, 1999