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Andy is fine. Sandra said in her twitter he was ok.

its funny how so many little girls prolly killed themselves upon hearing said rumor.

i love Andy btw c:

also cant be true because if Andy were to die i would be dead too.

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Andy Sixx's personality while he is singing is based on being a loner as a child. His REAL personality is WAY different then onstage. He is very sweet, treats women nicely, and if VERY funny:] Hope that helped♥

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14y ago

Andy Sixx does NOT have cancer. if he does you better tell me.

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He did donate $70,000 to an animal rescue because of his love for animals.

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Q: Has Andy sixx donated to charity?
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Has Andy sixx had any pets?

yes loads of them, he states that he loves animals and when his favourite pooch died, he got a tattoo on his back in memory of him/her. Andy sixx loves animals so much that he donated $70,000 to an animal rescue.

How much is Andy Sixx worth?


Does Andy sixx have a girlfriend?

Andy Sixx is currently single.

Is Andy Biersack and Andy sixx the same personi?

Andy Sixx was his youtube name!

What year was Andy sixx born in?

Andy Sixx was born in the year 1990.

Who is Andy Sixx's mom?

I have no idea who Andy Sixx's dad is, But Its NOT Nikki Sixx >:(

Is Andy sixx single in 2011?

no Andrew (Andy Sixx) is dating Juliet Simms

Does Andy sixx have a nickname?

his real name is Andrew biersack his nickname is Andy sixx

How did Andy Sixx get Famous on MySpace?

Andy Sixx Got Famous Because Of Myspace

Who is hotter Andy Sixx or Gerard Way?

Andy Sixx all the way in my opinion.

What color eyes does Andy sixx?

Andy 6, otherwise known as Andy Six or Andy Sixx, has icy blue eyes.

Why is Andy Sixx know as 7997148 and what does 7997148 mean?

7997148 is Andy sixx's real myspace address. he don't go by that people still call him Andy sixx.