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dont ask

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Q: Harry styles and Louis Tomlin
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What is Louis Tomlinsons nickname for Harry Styles?

Harry Styles nickname for Louis is 'Pumpkin'.

Who does Louis from One Direction like?

Louis from one direction likes Harry Styles the most.Louis and Harry have a bro-mance and no they are not gay?Louis has a girlfriend!Louis tomlinson+Harry styles=Larry Stylinson

Who does Harry Styles have the biggest bromance with?

Larry Stylinson a compare of Louis Tomlinson &Harry Styles

Is Louis Tomlinsons single?

No, he is dating Harry Styles they have been going out for a while. Eleanor is louis beard

Where does harry Edward styles live?

With Louis

Who is harry styles going to marry?

me ;)

What is Harry Styles bromance with?

Louis Tomlinson

Why is Olive Styles close with Louis Tomlinson?

Olive is close with Harry, Harry and Louis are dating so why wouldn't Harry's cousin be close with Louis.

Does Zayn Malik love Harry Styles as a brother?

Yes but Louis Tomlinson loves Harry Styles as a boyfriend

Have harry styles and Louis Tomlinson kissed?

No, they have not kissed. :)

What member lives with Harry Styles?

Louis Tomlinson

What is Harry Styles favorite person?

Louis Tomlinson