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The best one ive ever seen was whats called the "wake up call" prank. You wait untill your parents are sleeping then you place a metal trashcan with a few hand fulls of firecrackers in it and then light it up then run like hell lol

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Q: Good pranks to play on your parents?
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Do you play prank with friends and parents?

It can be good if your family and friends play pranks on others. However, pranks can be used as a form of bullying. As long as it is good-natured and everyone enjoys it, then it is not a problem.

What are good pranks to prank parents with?

Jackass pranks if you want to get them mad, look up jackass bam margera pranks parents, or you could always go with something classic like selefane over the toilet seat to get a good laugh and not get in trouble.

What are things ten year olds can do?

you could play pranks on your parents and sisters and brother so yeah..

Good pranks to play on girls?

Put itching Powder in their Knicker drawer when they're in the loo

Any good pranks to play on my brother when he's not home?

well you can put syrup on his bed

Where can someone find a list of pranks to play on their doorman?

One can find a list of pranks to play on their doorman on the Dumb Day website. One can also find more pranks to play on their doorman by asking friends.

What does a leprechaun play?

Thay play pranks on humans.

Why do you play pranks?

it normal mostly everyone does it

What are some good pranks to play on someone you like?

Putting love notes from "someone else" in your lovers backpack or locker.

Was Michael Jackson sporty as a child?

Kinda. He loves to play basketball with his brothers. He also loved to play pranks, if you would call pranks a sport ☺

Was Michael Jackson the king of pranks?

I don't think there is such a thing as the king of pranks. But if there were, Michael would probley be in the running!☺♥☺ He loved to play pranks

What are some good pranks to play on your thirteen year old sister?

*Spread a Heavy Layer of Icyhot on her toilet seat. Be prepared for screams.