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Check Yes Juliet is number 3 on the 2007 released album, We the Kings. (Yes self-named)

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Q: From what movie is check yes Juliet from?
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Who sings check yes Juliet?

we the kings.

When was Check Yes Juliet created?

Check Yes Juliet was created on 2008-02-04.

How long is the song check yes Juliet?

The song "Check Yes Juliet" by the band "We The Kings" is 3 minutes and 33 seconds long. ~Max

What is that song with the lyrics hey Juliet are you ready to come with me?

We the Kings - "Check Yes Juliet"

Is you belong with me by Taylor Swift in a movie?

Yes, it is in the movie Letters to Juliet.

Who is the actress in the Check Yes Juliet video by We the Kings?

Her name is Addison Timlin ;)

What person recorded the song Check Yes Juliet?

Check Yes Juliet was recorded by the American punk band We The Kings. In 2011 the single was released in Australia, where it peaked at Number 26 on the charts and achieved platinum record sales.

Is Gnomio and Juliet good?

yes...:) - it was a great movie and i recommend it. ummm that's my opinion.

Is Gnomeo and Juliet on movie discs?

well yes it is now in blue ray and DVD

Does the Romeo and Juliet movie by Baz Lurhmann portray the themes of the Shakespeare play?


Are the songs Check Yes Juliet and Love Story linked?

No not exactly. Yes they're both srt of about the "Romeo and Juliet" story and they're both love stories about running away for love but "Check Yes Juliet" is by We the Kings adn "Love Story" is by Taylor Swift. They didn't help each other write the songs and as far as I know their inspirations wer COMPLETELY different.

Is the movie 'Gnomeo and Juliet' the most popular movie in the whole wide world?

No, Gnomeo and Juliet is not the most popular movie in the world.