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Dexter wasn't adopted. He has red hair like his mother and glasses, nose, and feet like his father. also, in the film LABretto, it shows Dexter's mom in the hospital and newborn Dexter in his mother's hands. Actually, almost his whole babyhood is shown on LABretto.

The accent I can't explain. It shows he had it since he could first talk.

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Q: From the show Dexter's laboratory was Dexter adopted Yes and why or No and nothing.?
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this is the company that dexter from dexters's laboratory created. the original location of dexlabs was in genious grove but now its in tech square in fusion fall

What is dexters Accent from dexters laboratory?

Dexter has a east Slavic accent.His accents are in the Slavic family except for one.These are his accents. 1.Slavic 2.Hungarian 3.Ukrainian 4.Russian And last but not least polish.

What is Dexter's sister called?

dexters sister is Dee Dee

Who plays Dexters wife on showtimes Dexter?

The actress is named Julie Benz.

What is the duration of Dexter's Laboratory?

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When was Dexter's Laboratory created?

Dexter's Laboratory was created on 1996-04-27.

What episode number is Dexter and Computress get Mandark?

Dexter's Laboratory Episode 50 or Dexter's Laboratory Season 2 Episode 37

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Right here: Also note the search bar in the right top corner. You can watch almost all the episodes from dexter's lab. But be careful, newer season 3 and 4 episodes sometimes freeze up.

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Dexter's Laboratory - 1996 Dexter's Lab Too Cool for the --- was released on: USA: 5 October 1998