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Sam Holden committed suicide with a heroin overdose, and tried to frame Martha for murder while doing so.

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Sam killed Sam and set up Martha!

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Q: From home and away who killed sam Holden and how?
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Did jazz kill sam Holden on home and away?

yes with Romans help

Who killed sam in home and away?

Sam committed suicide by rowing out to sea an a dinghy, injecting herself with drugs and pulling the boat's bung out.

When was Sam Holden born?

Sam Holden was born in 1971.

Who killed sam out of home and away?

roman killed sam its easy to tell he is a new loved character and remember roman told marth to leave and he will wait for sam so while he was waiting sam showed up and he killed her its obvious watch home and away you can easily tell omans hiding something.....things like this happen in h&a all the time and its either the trusted new boyfriend or the new low profile person in town .....remember Zoe ????

What actors and actresses appeared in Being Sam Holden - 2012?

The cast of Being Sam Holden - 2012 includes: Ian Le Bruce as (Himself)

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