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Kazune is a clone because his father can ONLY make Kazune a clone of him.

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Q: For Kamichama Karin why is Kazune a clone?
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Who will kazune marry?

It is explained near the kind of Kamichama Karin and in many parts of Kamichama Karin Chu that Kazune gets married to Karin.

What anime show does Karin and Kazune play in?

Kamichama Karin

What is the difference between kamichama karin and kamichama karin chu?

Kamichama Karin is the prequel/the first series, where Karin and Kazune travel into the past after the Seed of Chaos defeats them. They find out about their past, including the fact that Kazune is Karin's husband, and so on. Kamichama Karin Chu, on the other hand, is the sequel. Karin obtains new rings from a Suzune, a boy who travels back in time from the future. In this sequel, the main enemy is the Seed of Chaos

What is the last name of suzune in Kamichama karin chu?

I think it's Kujyou because he is Karin's and Kazune's son.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kamichama Karin - 2007?

The cast of Kamichama Karin - 2007 includes: Shintaro Asanuma as Kirio Karasuma Mai Nakahara as Karin Hanazono Miyuki Sawashiro as Kazune Kujyou

What is the difference between the series Kamichama Karin and Kamichama Karin Chu?

Well in Kamichama Karin it is just that Kazune and Karin meeting each other and then they have to try to get the balance right for the 2 Himekas. In Kamichama Karin Chu, they got the balance right so now both Himekas are safe but now that they met Jin. He is the power of Hades and he is one of the 3 Honoured Gods. There are many situations in each chapter mostly. But at the end of Kamichama Karin Chu, Karin just has to find a way to change the future so Kazune won't die.

Did kazune die in the manga kamichama karin chu?

No!!!! But if you would like 2 find the real answer read the manga!

What in Kamichama Karin the manga is inappropriate?

Nothing really except when Kazune get's a bit of alcohol he turns a bit 'weird' towards Karin but nothing actually happens as such.

What happens in the last Kamichama Karin Chu?

Actually Karin is told by Kazune-Kun and a little by Karasuma that she is Kazune-Kun's wife in the future and were married before they were born. When Kazune is dying Karin uses Michi's ring to turn into a different form god and saves Kazune and at the end Karin does not know where he is but he shows up in front of her and tells her where he was that whole time. Now they will make another series called Kamichama Karin Chu which I suggest you read on only they are the best. Well I would read it yourself because its more facinating that way. You should go to or they both have it so try it. That is what happens in the end of Kamichama Karin. Chu ends in a different way but it is not out yet so nobody knows. YET!!!

What is kujyou's real name in kamichama karin?

Kujyou is a clone from kazuto kujyou, the "dad"

In what episode of kamichama karin does karin meet jin?

It's not in Anime yet, but it's the in the manga Kamichama Karin Chu (season 2 of Kamichama Karin), and it's the first volume, first episode. ~Glaiza Not even close. It is in the first season on episode 7 and episode 14. Episode 7 is where Karin runs away from Kirika, because she's in a Sumo outfit and doesn't want to be noticedor embarassed. So she hides in a concert, where she sees Jin, but not as a god, as an Idol. And in episode 14, Karin and Kazune are in a contest to win Karin new bathing clothes. Because Karasuma/Glasses Guy stole them by accident, while trying to get Karin's ring. And the teams are Karin and Kazune, Kirika and Karasuma and Jin Kuga. The battle is to make the best curry, and to come last. (First prize, Hot Spring, last prize, bathing suits, second...i don't exactly remeber) Instead, Kazune and Karin win 1st place, by distracting Jin with meat. and yes, they do also meet in season 2. Kamichama Fan, KKCFG !! (Kamichama Karin Chu Fan Girl !!)

What happend to series 2 of Kamichama Karin?

u can't watch it yet but the manga of kamichama karin 2 (kamichama karin chu) is out already.