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Q: Famous people that take salvia
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Will bonfire salvia get you high?

No, only Salvia divinorum has the active chemicals (salvinorins) which produce the psychoactive effects people associate with 'salvia'. Thus, bonfire salvia would not get one high.

Is Salvia Bonfire the kind of Salvia you buy to smoke and get high?

Salvia bonfire and other salvia varieties are not safe for smoking or getting high. People are dying from trying to smoke chemically altered vegetation.

What is the effect of salvia on asthma?

You should ask that to your doctor, salvia is used by smoking it, though salvia's smoke is not unhealthy as cigarette's are, any kind of smoke is bad for people with asthma.

When was Salvia viridis created?

Salvia viridis was created in 1753.

What is harpies disease and how can people get this disease?

Can be transmitted sexually or by salvia

What does salvia the drug do to you?

Salvia is not an illegal drug. It supposively makes you extremely chill or happy depending on the person for about 5 minutes, most people laugh for no reason, and some people even hullucinate

Is salvia used in Chinese medicine?

If by Salvia you mean Salvia Divinorum, then the answer is no. Salvia Divinorum is not used in Chinese medicine, as Salvia does not naturally grow in any region of China. Salvia Divinorum is only to be found in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Has salvia nemorosa got similar properties to salvia divinorum?

No, Salvia nemorosa does not contain salvinorins, the active components of Salvia divinorum.

What is the birth name of Joey Salvia?

Joey Salvia's birth name is Joseph Salvia.

Will salvia get you high?

Depends on what kind of salvia you're talking about. Only Salvia Divinorum species can get you high. Don't get fooled, there are a lot of varieties of Salvia.

Is salvia tested in Louisiana?

No, you can not test for salvia.

Where did salvia originate?

Salvia is from Oaxaca Mexico.