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Q: Famous people alive during 1860 to 1926?
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What wars were fought in Utah during the 1860?

No wars were fought in Utah in 1860.

What famous killer was on the loose in 1860?

Jack the Ripper

Where there radios when George Washington was alive?

No. The radio was not invented until the 1860's

Who was famous from 1860 to 1880?

Thomas A. Edison Thomas A. Edison

When was Busch's famous sausage made in Cincinnati?


Who were some famous American dancers living between 1860 and 1920?

There were numerous famous American dancers living between 1860 and 1920. Some of these famous dancers include Jack Cole, Lester Horton, and Isadora Duncan.

How many people were there in the North and South during the Civil War?

The US population in 1860 was 32 million, 350 thousand.

Why was Abe Lincoln famous?

He was the Prsident of the United States during the US Civil War years. (1860-1865) He wrote and delivered the famous 'Gettysburg Address'. His "Emancipation Proclamation' outlawed slavery in the US. He was assassinated in April of 1865.

Who was famous in the year 1860 to 1926?

Annie Oakley (Phoebe Ann Moses)

Total number of people in the US during the civil war?

32 million 350 thousand was the US population in the 1860 US Census

During what years was the Civil War foght?

During the years 1860 to 1863 of January

Is macaroni the horse still alive?

The original Macaroni (Thoroughbred) was born in 1860, so he's dead.