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Maybe you are thinking of "Sleepwalk," by Santo & Johnny. There are many other artists who have covered it, I quite like versions by The Ventures, Hapa and Guano Boys if you want variations on a theme. The Brian Setzer Orchestra and the Stray Cats have versions. Supposedly Modest Mouse, My Morning Jacket and the Deaftones have done covers, they could be interesting but I haven't listened to them. There are a few artists who have done covers with lyrics, apparently Santo and Johnny wrote them but never recorded them. A woman by the name of Betsy Brye or Bette Anne Steele did one of the original covers but I have heard versions by Carolyne Mas, Maria Williams and a man whose name I cannot remember. Carolyne Mas's is my favorite. If this doesn't answer your question, check out the Instrumental Top 20 List on You may be able to find it there.

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Q: Famous instrumental jamaican song What is the name of the famous instrumental jamaican song you always heard in movies and tv when someone is relaxing?
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