Example of elimination

Updated: 8/28/2023
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An example of elimination is; I was eliminated from the game show for giving the wrong answer.

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Eliminate your opponent.

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Q: Example of elimination
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Example of single elimination?

The first answer that I think of is sports have to win all your games in a competition or you are out. Considering the category however, elimination of waste would be animals that have a cloaca where all waste is excreted through a single orifice. Birds are an example.

Example of a paragraph develop by elimination?

To develop a paragraph by elimination, it must first go through several phases. A paragraph must first be tested for analogy, classification, rationalization, and repetition.

What does a mercenary do?

a mercenary does something( usually military related) for a fee example;infiltration,elimination,demilition

What are the different kinds of elimination in intramural?

In intramural sports, there are typically two common types of elimination formats: single-elimination and double-elimination. In single-elimination, a team is eliminated from the competition after losing one game. In double-elimination, a team has to lose twice before being eliminated, offering a second chance to teams that lose their first game.

What is the name of a debt elimination company in Winnipeg?

There are a range of debt elimination companies available if you live in Winnipeg one example would be The American Fair Credit Council which is the leading industry trade group in the debt settlement industry.

What elimination of carbon dioxide by the lungs and elimination or?


Where can I find out more about elimination diets?

You can find out more information about elimination diets. You can get information of elimination diets at and

What is tna elimination chamber?

TNA does not have an Elimination Chamber. The WWE does.

Who won the WWE Elimination Chamber 2011?

John Cena won the Raw Elimination Chamber, and Edge won Smackdown's Elimination Chamber.

Who is going to win the elimination chamber?

Randy Orton will win the Elimination Chamber!!(:

Kinds of elimination?

There are three kinds of elimination: the single, double, and the round robin.

Who returned at elimination chamber 2011?

Batista,at the end of Raw Elimination Chamber