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by being the yellow guy

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Q: Epic war 3 how to get a witch?
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Are there cheats to epic war 3?


What is an epic theme for the epic circe the witch?

Follow your leader

On epic war 3 what is the best character to be?


What app to use to do the every witch way fx?

There’s an app called epic witch and and app called after effect although after effects is for windows computers and epic witch is for iPhone/ ipad

How do you get the dragon in epic war 3?

cave of trial and you have to win

How do you get TITANS in epic war 3?

complete the cave of trial missions

Where can you get platinum edition gears of war 3?

No but their is an special and epic edition

Who made gears of war 3?

epic games and microsoft studios

How do you get the green upgrades in epic war 4?

get a lv 3 hero

What hero has the most mana in epic war 3?

Gralborg Grimtooth

How do you get mermaids in epic war 3?

By playing the yellow guy (TrevQuez De Revierre)

What is gears of war 3 SD?

It's the standard edition of the game, not the limited or epic edition.