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yes they are still friends

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Q: Emmanuel Lewis still friends with Michael Jackson?
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When Michael Jackson died was Emmanuel Lewis finally freed from the dungeon he was kept in underneath Neverland?

Michael Jackson never kept anyone in a dungeon. This was obviously a joke. Child star Emmanuel Lewis (of the TV show Webster) is only 4 feet 3 inches tall, having been small all of his life. He was in his teens when he became friends with Michael Jackson and the Jackson family in the 1980's. Lewis was 38 when Michael Jackson died in 2009. Intimations that there was an inappropriate relationship between the two were first suggested by Howard Stern in a 2003 interview with Lewis and MC Hammer. Lewis angrily refuted the suggestion as baseless and offensive.

Boy with Jackson during 1984 Grammy?

emmanuel Lewis from the tv show Webster

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What is Emmanuel Lewis's birthday?

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