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YES HE IS! But we must still realize that record may end. :(

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Q: Dont you think the undertaker is the best ever having to win every wrestlemania main event he has fought in?
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Is the Undertaker still alive today?

getting ready to return, at Survivor Series. R.I.P Ortons! He excapted, the casket, safely, before it was set on fire, via trap door, and will return to finish off the Ortons. I read, somewhere, that he'll be at Survivor Series, but I'm not sure he'll be back, that soon. His contact ends in June or July 2007, so he'll be back. They just have too many directions, they're going, on Smackdown, to continue Taker's storyline, but after the "junior division" has run it's course, and The Smackdown vs Raw combined storyline, starts losing interest, Taker will have a chance to comeback. (Hell, there's alway's a reason superstars disapper, Kane was making a movie, when he was "taken to jail" in the end of his love triangle stoyline, so maybe Taker's dealing with a side issue, wright now.) Oh, Ortons R.I.P! he's taking a break because his body's not in very good condition. What his body is not in good condition! he is a great wrestler! my favorite person alive! his contract ends in 2007!

Has john cena lost at WrestleMania?

yes although He has been defeated at WM but he's never been pinned at WM Won against The Big Show at WM20 Won against JBL at WM21 Won against HHH at WM22 Won against Shawn Michaels at WM23 Lost but not pinned against Orton (winner) and HHH at WM24 Won against Edge and Show at WM25 won at WM26 Lost at WM27 to the miz

Did john cena ever beat the undertaker?

At Cyber Sunday 2008 The main event was the World Heavyweight Championship match between Batista and The Undertaker. Steve Austin was announced as the Special Guest Referee. Both Batista and The Undertaker had the match in their advantage. Batista hit a series of powerslams and throws on the Undertaker. Undertaker, however, hit a chokeslam on Batista, but only got a two count. Undertaker then followed up with a Last Ride. Undertaker then went for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Batista reversed the move into a Spinebuster, but got a two-count. Batista then executed a Batista Bomb on The Undertaker, but Undertaker kicked out. Batista then executed another Batista Bomb and pinned The Undertaker to successfully retain the World Heavyweight Championship it wasnt the undertaker that he fought it was chris Jericho ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was At Cyber Sunday 2007 Undertaker vs Batista WHC It was At Cyber Sunday 2008 (where chris Jericho faced Batista) WHC However Stone Cold was Referee at Both Times By Atit Anish Patel

What was the last WWE ppv?

Well the four main ppv's are the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series Personally i think the best ppv is Wrestlemania or the Royal Rumble

Who did the rock wrestle in 1999 edition of WrestleMania mania?

The Rock wrestled Stone Cold Steve Austin to defend his WWF Championship in the main event and lost.

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When will the undertaker come back to WWE for an action?

Probably for the Wrestlemania event in 2012

Which opponent will face the undertaker at WrestleMania 27?

As per February 21, 2011 Monday night Raw Live event, Triple H faces Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII and Even Undertaker accepted his challenge and agreed to face him in No Holds Barred Match.

Where is undertaker after he won Triple H wrestlemania 27?

The Undertaker (and Triple H) were legitimately fined by the WWE for violating the company's "Concussion policy" at the event.

Will Triple H return at WrestleMania 27?

The Game Triple H was already returned to WWE on February 21, 2011 at Monday night Raw event and challenged The Undertaker a match at WrestleMania and Undertaker accepted his challenge and made their match as No Holds Barred Match at WrestleMania 27

Which event did undertaker make a come back was it wrestlemania or summerslam or no way out?

wwe kids magazine question good luck.

Can you also unlock secret stadiums like wrestlemania III and the Saturday night main event stadium?

i always wanted to unlock the stadium of wrestlemania III so i can put John Cena and Batista against The Undertaker and Kane in a stadium that was made in 1988! I am LOST POET& i am a fan of wrestling! long live The Undertaker!

Where is WWE the undertaker?

After his Wrestlemania 2011 victory over Triple H, Undertaker has taken time off. He does not wrestle every week like the other younger wrestlers. As expected by everyone, he returned in the WWE Raw after the Royal Rumble PPV and challenged Triple H for a re-match of their epic encounter during 2011 at the Wrestlemania event in 2012. He will be defending his streak as expected in this years wrestlemania as well.

Will the Undertaker appear at WrestleMania 2011?

Yes. Most probably he will be part of the 2011 Wrestle mania. He has the longest winning streak of any wrestler in a major pay per view and he is still undefeated in WWE Wrestlemania for 19 years. So his match will be of epic proportions so he should be a part of the wrestlemania main event.

Is undertaker in the 2011 royal rumble?

There is no guarantee but most of WWE Universe expects Undertaker's return at Royal Rumble wrestling pay per view. In fact, Undertaker needs to appear in Royal Rumble to get back into his form. As we already know, he was failed in for that last couple of months against his brother The big red monster Kane. However, The Undertaker definitely clears route for WrestleMania XXVII pay per view in order to protect his Undefeated WrestleMania streak. So, Undertaker might show his domination by appearing in this wresting pay per view. There is possibly Undertaker to win the 2011 Royal Rumble main event.

When did hbk start his career?

Shawn Michaels started his professional wrestling career in the year 1984. He joined the WWE in 1988 and has been with them ever since. He retired recently in the Wrestlemania event after a loss to the Undertaker.

What is the best main event in WWE?


How long after WrestleMania is the WWE draft?

its just week beforemain event ppv backlash which is after wrestlemania