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Yes, unfortunately he is married.

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Q: Does ville laihiala have a wife?
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What is Ville Laihiala's birthday?

Ville Laihiala was born on June 13, 1973.

When was Ville Laihiala born?

Ville Laihiala was born on June 13, 1973.

How old is Ville Laihiala?

Ville Laihiala is 38 years old (birthdate: June 13, 1973).

How do you get a wife in frontier ville?

chat with people and ask them if they wanna get married! simple!

Does ville hermanni valo have children?

NO Ville doesn't have any children Linde has a little girl who is 5 yrs old called Olivia Burton's wife recently gave birth to a girl Gas's wife Nat has recently given birth to a girl Not sure if Mige has any children Ville has a brother Jesse Valo he plays bass in Iconcrash

Why did ville valo make the song gone with sin?

because of his wife who died! he wrote it for his wife who died. i dont know who told the above person that but Ville Valo has never been married he has been engaged but not marriedi dont know why he wrote the song though i thought id just let you know it couldent be because of the above answer!! I dont know who wrote above but they don't know ville at all for one ville has never been married.........

Who was Ville Valos wife that died?

He only has a current wife that is alive, Aimee Todd Valo.

Is Ville Hermanni Valo bisexual?

no he isn't he has got a wife. Bam is his best friend if that made u think that he is bi. no.

What has the author Ville Vallgren written?

Ville Vallgren has written: 'Ville-gubbens matkatekes'

What does mon ville mean in English?

My town - but it should read "ma ville" as "ville" is a feminine noun.

Password for THE VILLE cheat engine V1.02?

the ville

What are the Cheats for yo ville?

There are no cheats for Yo Ville