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Yes. They didn't make a fullscreen or a blu-ray version. Their budget was too tight.

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Q: Does twilight only come in widescreen?
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Does twilight come out in full screen?

No. It will only come out on wide screen.

Why do vampires only come out at night?

read twilight and you`ll find out

Does the movie The Blind Side come in Full Screen Version?

As of December 2010, The Blind Side is only available in Widescreen DVD and Blu-ray.

What is word for animals that only come out in twilight?


Is there a spell to make Twilight come to life?

No, it is a fictional series.

Is the 42 lcd television available as a widescreen only?

Most lcd televisions are widescreen now. I don't think I've seen one that wasn't recently. Both of the two I have are widescreen and they are different brands with different years.

Did the twilight eclipse movie came out on DVD?

No. Movies only come out on DVD 3 months afer they come out in the cinema.

Was creature from the black lagoon in widescreen?

No. Widescreen was only one year old at that point ("The Robe" was first to have it). It was however, released in 3-D (dual-strip).

Do the stars of twilight come to the twilight conventions?

yes they do

Is there a high def CRT?

While there are high-resolution CRTs, they don't come in widescreen, so no.

Is there a trailer on the fifth twilight?

their are no fith book it only has four books everyones hoping that she come out more

When will Twilight come out on bluray?

I definatly know that Twilight will come out on DVD and BlueRay March 21st, 2009.