Does tv hurt the brain

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TV. can't actually hurt or kill brain cells but if your watching Cartoons and think its all true that is bad. But if you do research to see if it's true or not that can actually stimulate your brain.

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Q: Does tv hurt the brain
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How does tv hurt the eyes?

Because there are rays that come from the Tv. which are bad for you and kill brain cells

What happens if you hurt your brain?

It's easy you get brain hurt

Can TVs hurt plants?

No TVs dont hurt plants at all.

What does TV do to your brain?

my Mom says that TV can make your brain smaller

Can ozone hurt tv commercial?

No, it won't. Ozone won't hurt TV commercial.

Is saw gruesome?

Yes, very. I was watching it on TV and it showed drilling into the brain, the brain itself, blood, people being hurt badly, sewing shut of the eyes and mouth, tearing of body parts, face splitting open, torture devices, burning of flesh.

Can weed hurt your brain after an aneurysm?

Weed will always hurt your brain one way or the other.

Is tv bad for your brain?

The radiation in the television screen enters your eyes, gets to your brain, and destroying brain waves. have you ever felt your eyes get teary when you start watching TV? That's the radiation from the television entering your eyes. In conclusion, television is bad for your brain.

What are the release dates for This Might Hurt - 2009 TV?

This Might Hurt - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 2009

Can tv kill your brain cells?

No, but it can lead to your brain cells weakening.

Does television kill brain cells?

Television does not kill brain cells. But too much of watching Television can affect the brain. And this in turn may affect other activities and concentration.

Does TV really fry your brain?

T.V doesn't fry your brain. but t.v will kill a lot of brain cells

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