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Tika is a subsidiary of Sako, Berreta, company.

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Q: Does tika make a bolt action rifle in 280 caliber?
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How old is your sheridan c serial 510936?

There are many versions of the C series Sheridan Let me explain: Sheridan made air rifles started in 1945 and made a few variations of the C series. Benjamin bought out Sheridan and continued to make the C series ( C9, CB, CBW CW ) From 1949 to 1990 it was marked Sheridan. In 1972 serial numbers were redone and started with #000000. Crosman bought out Benjamin (1992) and continued to make the C series Rifle (It's very popular) The rifle was made in .177, .20, .22 caliber. From 1998-2000 Crosman marketed the C series .177 and .22 Caliber as a Benjamin and the .20 Caliber as a Sheridan. I believe your rifle was made sometime after 1972 when the company was still owned by Benjamin. You may see a C9 Silver Streak or a C9 Blue streak. They are the current C series rifles Final note: at one point during the 1950's the rifle was marketed as a Benjamin Franklin as a marketing ploy. Benjamin Franklin had nothing to do with it. But his name got stuck on it anyway. Along the way the rifle has also been marketed as a Benjamin / Sheridan. ( You confused? so am I.) A rifle like this in good condition would be worth around $105 + or - $20

What decibel level does a barrett 50cal make?

180 dB is a result from the barrett M107A1 50 cal long rifle.

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To make up for past discrimination policies

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He refused to serve African American customers in his restaurant.

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