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If you really want to know, this is how it ends. The setting is at a public pool/water park. Rito finally finds out that he loves Lala but Haruna as well. So first he meets Lala and confesses. Lala realises that he also love Haruna and lets him confess because as King of Deviluke he can do whatever he wants so he can marry both of them. Lala gives him a jetpack sends him flying into Yami, gets hurt, goes flying and when he gets the jetpack off, Rito runs to Haruna and Oshizu (ghost person) sees them together tries to make them closer to each other but sends a bunch of random objects towards haruna (Rito doesnt notice because his eyes are closed trying to confess). Haruna's bikini gets ripped (lol) making her embarrassed and run off. Rito confesses with the words "I Love You!" only to open his eyes and find that every other minor female character was in his direction and they all blush. Lala finds Rito happily saying that he loves everyone. Rito is annoyed that it has come to that and it ends. Its a very bad ending but it has to go with the harem genre of manga. I am a big To-Love-Ru fan so it ticked me off with this bad ending.

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Q: Does the manga to love ru end with a wedding?
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if you mean pervert which sometimes is also known as ecchi, try 'To Love Ru' by the way it is both anime and manga

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To Love-Ru was created on 2008-08-28.

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The ending of the manga, at least for now, is a harem ending. He doesn't choose anyone, but Lala does tell him she's fine with polygamy. Then he confesses to Yui instead of Haruna (just like he did to Lala in the beginning!) meaning his troubles aren't over. The last page is of the girls.

Will there be a To LOve-Ru Season 3?

Yes, Motto to love ru Darkness. I think there was some talk about something happening with it on August 17

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