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Kind of but not officially.

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Q: Does the Hidden Leaf Village in Naruto represent the USA?
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What is Naruto village called?

Konoha or Konohagakure ( hidden leaf village).

What episode of naruto is Shikamaru temari's escort in the hidden leaf village?

First shippuden episode

What episode of Naruto is Naruto runing down a hallway and minato is there?

It was a OVA called: Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!

How many hidden villages are there in total Naruto?

Land of Fire Konohagakure "Hidden Leaf Village" Land of Wind Sunagakure"Hidden Sand Village" Amegakure"Hidden Rain Village" Land of Sound Otogakure ""Hidden Rice Village"" Land of Water Kirigakure "Hidden Mist Village" Land of Lightning Kumogakure "Hidden Cloud Village" Land of Earth Iwagakure "Hidden Rock Village" Land of Waves

What are the headbands from Naruto called?

Hidden Leaf Village--Konohagakure, the hidden leaf was once the strongest nation until the Pain arc, also home to team 7(Naruto Uzamaki, Sasuke Uchia, and Sakura Haruno) Hidden Sand Village--Sunagakure, the hidden sand has gara of the sand(Their hokage) and have been up againts the akatsuki, also home to Gara Sabaku, Temari Sabaku, and Kankuro Sabaku. Hidden Mist Village--Kirigakure, the hidden mist was one of the first chunin missions naruto went on and also the grave of Zabuza Momochi and Haku Yuki or Shiro Hidden Waterfall Village--Takigakure, a mission was held here when naruto was younger Hidden Sound Village--Otogakure, the grave of oruchimaru Hidden Cloud Village--Kumogakure, the grave of killer bee and the village high in the sky. Sasuke Uchia went to retrieve the demond from killer bee for the akatsuki. Hidden Rain Village--Amegakure, The grave of Jaraiya and once was the home of konan and nagato (when they where on the akatsuki) Hidden Rock Village--Tsuchigakure, The village that battled the leaf village a long time ago. Hidden Grass Village--Kusagakure, The village that zetsu came from and the village that has very little apearance Hidden Star Village--Hoshigakure Hidden moon Village--Getsugakure Hidden Stone Village--Ishigakure Hidden Lock Village--Jomaegakure Hidden Heat Haze Village--Kagerogakure Hidden Village in the Haze--Moyagakure Hidden Village of the frost--Shimogakure Hidden Village of the artisans--Takumigakure Hidden Village in the Valleys--Tanigakure Hidden village of the whirling tides--Uzushiogakure Hidden Village of the hot water--Yugakure where Hidan grew up Smaller villages or lands: Land of the snow, Land of water, Land of fire, Land of sound, Land of rice patties, Land of earth, Land of lightning, Land of wind, Land of rain, Land of rivers, Land of waves, Land of whirlpools, Land of iron, Land of the sky, Land of mountains