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Q: Does the great khali wear stilts?
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Bio of great khali?

Type in 'The Great Khali into the ask tab above and it will take you to a page about The Great Khali.

Does great khali have a child?

Yes, The Great Khali does have a dauhgter.

Big John Studd or The Great Khali?

The Great Khali

Why is it hard to beat Great Khali?

The Great Khali is HUGE, and STRONG.

Who is The great khali's dad?

The Great Khali's dad is Jwala Ram.

What is great khali religion?

great khali is Hindu . but he has great faith in his guru "ausutosh".

What they eat and what what they wear people live in stilts?

what do the people who live in stilts usually eat

When was The Great Khali born?

The Great Khali was born on August 27, 1972.

What is The Great Khali's birthday?

The Great Khali was born on August 27, 1972.

How you unlock great khali svr 2011?

The Great Khali is not in svr 2011.

Is the Great Khali a robot?

No the great khali is not a robot even though he is 7'3"

Who is taller the Undertaker or the Great Khali?

Khali is 7.1 Undertaker is 6.11 Khali is the tallest.