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Q: Does the book Alibi Junior High have a movie?
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What happens in the end of the book Alibi Junior High by Greg Logsted?

he eats a big bowl of whipped cream.

Did High School Musical the movie come from a book?

No. However, there is a junior novelization of the movie.

Who wrote the book A is for Alibi?

Sue Grafton wrote "A" Is for Alibi.

Is there a twilight junior novel illustrated by movie stills?

no.There is not a junior novel due to the book was created as a teenage/ Adult's book. Also because the movie is rated M with Sexuality and aggressive fighting.

Is Johnny Tremain a book for high schoolers?

Johnny Tremain is a junior high book at many schools, but could also be suitable material for high schoolers.

Who wrote the book 'I didn't do it'?

Ivan AlibiIvan Alibi

What are some predictions for junior high school red scarf girl book?

Some predictions for this book is a girl named ji li graduating high school

How wide is the junior high lockers?

yoy have science book, math, geography alot of stuf

What books do read in Junior High and High School?

In 6th grade I read a very good book called The Hunger Games.

Is high school musical 3 senior year a book?

Yes, it is called Disney High School Musical 3 Senior Year: The Junior Novel.

How does your high school find your address?

Usually, you give them your address in elementary school, or junior high, because they put it into the address book, there is probably different answers, but that is one of them.

In the book the executioner by Jay Bennett does Bruce go to school?

He is in high school he's a senior or junior I think but he is out due to the accident.