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yes they do

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Q: Does the band foreigner sing the song juke box hero?
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Did the band foreigner sing 'red blooded'or 'hot blooded?

hot blooded

Did the band Foreigner sing the song Hot Blooded?

Yes. Foreigner sang "Hot Blooded." That's lead singer Lou Gramm on vocals.

What songs does skillet the band sing?

Monster , Hero , Awake and Alive

Can you play guitar drums and sing with band hero?

yes, if you are able to handle 3 talents at a time

What song does sponge bob sing on guitar hero?

He doesn't sing in guitar hero except in custom song but in rock band he sings "The Best Day Ever", "Where Gary" and "I Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You"

What is the name of the song for the guitar hero commercial where their sing on top of a car?

If you are talking about the rock band commercial, then the song is Highway star by deep purple.

What kind of music does the Cute Boots Band play?

The Cute Boots Band play and sing a southern style of musical storytelling. A few a of their popular hits include Carolina Highway, The Hero for Hire and the Fire.

Does rock band require a microphone in order to play like gh metallica or gh smash hits?

you are describing two different games here; rock band and guitar hero but regardless, the only time you require a microphone is if you have chosen to sing the song... you dont HAVE to sing in order to play

What the band that sing you are So Sick?

The band is Flyleaf

Can you sing in Guitar Hero World Tour?

Yes. Any Guitar Hero game after III is basically the same as Rock Band.

Who influenced enrique iglesias to sing?

Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Foreigner, and Journey

Can you sing on Guitar Hero aerosmith?