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No! He has only just turned 17.

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Q: Does the actor of Liam o'donnelly off Tracy beaker returns smoke?
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How old are all the cast of Tracy beaker returns?

She was 21 years old when she started to be an actor in Tracy beaker returns

What is Ferris in Tracy Beaker Returns real name?

Ferris in Tracy Beaker Returns is portrayed by actor Robbie Simpson.

How do you be an actor on Tracy beaker returns?

You have to take an audition to bbc when they are casting

Who is the oldest child actor in Tracy beaker returns?

lily beaker she is a black girl no white! lol

How do you become an actor on Tracy beaker returns?

you have to be a proper actor , you need a agent too. i wish i was one

How can you be in Tracy beaker returns?

You have to audition....with a actor agent or something like that,sorry I didnt make sense

What is Rick's real name from Tracy Beaker?

Ricardo "Rick" Barber was actor Daniel Pearson (born July 16, 1996).He appeared in the series Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground.

Who is Richard whisker?

Richard Wisker is an actor from Essex who has plyed in The Bill, Law & Order and Tracey Beaker Returns. He is most known for his role of Liam o'donavan in Tracy beaker returns. ( he is very fit !! )

How old is Phillip grapham Scott from Tracy beaker returns?

Actor Joseph Aston, who played the character Phillip Graham Scott in the TV series "Tracy Beaker Returns," was born on June 6, 1996. Therefore, his age would depend on the specific year you are referencing.

What is Tracy beaker's boyfriend called?

In the TV show "Tracy Beaker," Tracy's boyfriend is called Sean Godfrey. He is portrayed by the actor Ayแป Oyeku.

How old is Harry in tracy beaker returns?

Harry is around 14 years old in the TV series "Tracy Beaker Returns."

When is tracy beaker's birthday?

Tracy Beaker is Dani Harmer, and I will shortly post when her birthday is xx