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no it starts with a q OF COURSE IT DOES START WITH AN A

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Q: Does sterling knights middle name start with an a?
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What is sterling knights middle name?

His middle name is Sandman, he confirmed this on The Bonnie Hunt show.

Is sterling knights middle name Sandmann?

yes it is, no one believes him when he says it is though.

What is sterling knights birth name?

Sterling Sandmann Knight

What is sterling knights real name?

Sterling Knights real name is Sterling Knight that is his birth name and will allways be but if he changes it wont be that but for now it has been and is.

What is sterling knights girlfriends name called?


What is sterling knights girlfriends name?

his girlfriends name is Juliet Stromin

What is stirling knights real name?

His real name IS Sterling Sandmann Knight.

What is sterling beaumons middle name?

His middle name is Martin.

What is the full name of Winnie the Pooh's author?

His middle name is "The."

What is Sterling Knights Skype name?

I'm so sad that these people want to know all about me so please don't bother me please don't

What is sterling knights brother name?

Sterling Knight has around 8 brothers and sisters and they are all in the acting business. one of there names that i know of is Matthew Knight he is 15 years old and he has just played in the movie, The Grudge 3. :)

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