Does soul kiss maka

Updated: 8/29/2023
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No, they only kiss in doujinshi manga ( that's a fanmade manga) and you can find lots of videos of it on YouTube. And in the anime they almost kissed. But the manga is still ongoing so maybe...

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Soul Evans and Maka Albarn are characters from the popular anime Soul Eater. Despite being partners, Soul and Maka have not kissed.

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they didn't kiss.

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Q: Does soul kiss maka
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What chapter do soul and maka kiss?

They don't kiss in the manga or the anime.

In Soul Eater do maka and soul dance?

Yeah! Maka and Soul dance together in episode 20.

What episode in Soul Eater does Soul protect Maka?

None of the episodes have Maka and Soul kiss, but I wish they have. They make a cute couple though. When I was watching it, I felt the same way. "Gosh, why didn't they kiss," I would say. In Soul Eater, Maka tries to revive Soul by going inside his mind (that's that part I thought Maka was about to kiss him, but sadly no). ^ Okay smartass, next time you intend to say "in Soul Eater, Maka tries to revive Soul...", when the questions asks what EPISODE, then think a bit and say WHAT EPISODE.

Who is maka in soul eater?

Maka Albarn is voiced by Laura Bailey .

What anime are soul and maka from?

they're from soul eater

Do maka and soul ever date?

They don't date, yet, or so far. But in the manga on it shows them holding hands... a lot. Oh, did you hear? There's supposed to be a kiss, but on soul's noses, but it is from Maka. But I don't know what episode, so please tell me!You would be a big help. Gratci!

Why does soul have a scar?

It was when Soul and Maka was fighting Crona for the first time.

Who is the lead-female from soul-eater?

Maka Albarn,who is also the main character of the show.

Does asura ever kiss maka?


Is there a boys vs girls soul eater fanfiction?

no, there is not beacause if there was soul will not like maka if girls win and maka will not like soul if boys win and blah blah blah so yea there is not!

In soul eater what episode does maka become friends with corona?

Crona becomes friends with maka in episode 21

Is the manga soul eater not still about maka and the others?

Maka and the others appear in the story, but are not the main characters.