Does shego like drakken

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I, and many other people, feel that yes she does like Drakken. There are of course many obvious things that point to them being in a relationship,especially the little 'flower induced' hug they shared at the end of graduation. As this pair is canon, (meaning the producers of the show wanted a certain pair to be together.) It is very safe to say they do like each other. Also as the pair is highly popular, topping the canon Ron/Kim pair. The emotion sickness episode also proves some what of a relationship beyond that of friendship, for the 'moodulator' on Shego and Kim's neck does not cause feelings, only intensifies them. Shego kissed Drakken somewhat repeatedly in that episode. In the video game Kim Possible: Kimmunicator. Shego and Drakken argue as always, however Kim refers to Drakken as Shego's boyfriend, and it seems as Shego goes a bit into detail of their relationship Of course not everyone likes the couple, but I find it safe to say that if Disney would continue Kim Possible, Shego and Drakken would become a pair. You need to check some of these sites, and watch some of the episodes, you could make a list of all the times Shego shows some form of flirting with Drakken. Like in the episode 'mind games' Drakken switched bodies with a security guard so he could walk past the security, however his body was lost by Shego. While he was yelling at her, she pinched his cheek saying 'Ya know, in this body your kind of cute when your angry." flitaious. there are many times that this happens thorought the seasons. Check these sites: Of course you should aimlesly wander around, check this author and friend of mine: and of course you can check out some of my D/S fics: and links to some of my favorite stories:

I also recommend shego Rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is n't about Shego and Drakken till the very end, but it is an amazing story, just have some tissues ready !

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Q: Does shego like drakken
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How old is Shego from Kim Possible?

What's below is incorrect. According to the creators of the show, Shego is in her early twenties. Yes she fell in love with Drakken in one episode, which is creepy because of their large age difference. She would have fallen in love with anyone around her, Drakken or otherwise, age not mattering. shego is 34 or 32 but in the kim possible emion sickness kim fell in love with Ron and shego fell in love with drakken. xxx

Who is Kim's arch enemy in Disney's Kim Possible?

List of some Kim's villains: 1. Dr Drakken 2. Shego 3. Monkey Fist 4. Duff Killigan 5. Senor Senor, Sr. 6. Senor Senor, Jr. 7. Professor Dementor 8. The Killer Bebes 9. Gill (Ron's enemy too) 10. Motor Ed 11. Camille Leon 12. Adrena Lynn

Why couldn't Disney make more new episodes of Kim Possible?

Disney should make more episodes of Kim Possible, Where Shego is destroying a City, and Kim Possible most become a giant, to stop her. That would be a cool episode In Kim Possible. And if we see Kim As a giant and Shego is shrinking. After Kim Possible wins the match over Shego. Kim could use a shrink ray gun to shrink Shego. But the episode should start with Dr. Drakken and Shego are stealing growth machine and they want to test it on one of Dr. Drakken's bad guys. And when Kim possible, is trying to destroy he's evil plan, she's not careful with the machine, and the machine changes Shego in to a 50 foot Shego, and she' is destroying whole city.

what is shego?


Who plays as Shego in Kim Possible?

Shego is voiced by Nicole Sullivan .

Is kim and shego dating on Kim Possible?

Shego and Kim are not sisters, but in episode "Stop Team, Go" Kim called Shego as a big sister.

Does kim fall in love with shego?

yes she does becaue she loves Ron and shego hecause she is horny

What are the release dates for Kim Possible - 2002 Rappin' Drakken - 3.9?

Kim Possible - 2002 Rappin' Drakken - 3.9 was released on: USA: 25 June 2005

What are the ratings and certificates for Kim Possible 2 Drakken's Demise - 2004 VG?

Kim Possible 2 Drakken's Demise - 2004 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

What are the release dates for Kim Possible - 2002 Cap'n Drakken 4-13?

Kim Possible - 2002 Cap'n Drakken 4-13 was released on: USA: 19 May 2007

What is shego's real name?

Her name is just Shego. With her brothers - Hego, Mego, and Wego - she was once a superhero but chose evil instead. Pre-hero names were never given for any member of the past or present Team Go. Shego is voiced by actress Nicole Sullivan.

Who is the green girl in Kim Possible?

Her name was Shego.