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No she doesn't. Everyone thinks she does, but don't worry, she comes back in Season 4.

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Q: Does sara tancredi die on prison break?
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Does Gretchen die in Prison Break?

no, gretchen does not die. she ends up in the sister prison to fox river & tries to escape with sara. however, she gets caught by the prison guards, but lets sara get away! she still remains in the prison, as we think. lets hope they make season 5! :D

Does sara die in prison break?

Sara is still alive. She returns in Season 4. The head Lincoln got sent in the box wasn't hers, and I think she knew about it and was in on the whole plan.

When did Filippo Tancredi die?

Filippo Tancredi died in 1722.

When did Tancred Tancredi die?

Tancred Tancredi died in 1241.

Does Paul Kellerman die in Prison Break?

No, Paul Kellerman does not die in the Prison Break.

When did Tancredi Pasero die?

Tancredi Pasero died on 1983-02-17.

What happen to Michael in prison break?

Yes he dies at the end of the fourth season

Who of the 8 wanted people die in prison break?

Abruzzi,Twenner,haywire and Michael, there wont be another prison break because Michael Scofield dies by a electric shock well Sara had poison in her food and she told Michael and Michael knew that he had to break her out and he did, but the door was locked so Michael put two wires together and then the door opened and Sara ran out the door without Michael so obviously Michael died.

Why did Michael have to die in prison break?

to give Sarah a chance to escape from prison

Does sara die in season 4 of prison break?

No. Her death was faked in season 3 although she comes back in the first episode of season 4. Her and Michael get together and have sex and produce their baby.

What happened to you if you break the law in Egypt?

you go prison or you die

What did mahlon and chilion die from?

he died trying to break his brother chilon out of prison