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No; Neil Peart still has both arms. A drummer with only one does exist, however; Rick Allen from Def Leppard.

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Q: Does rush drummer have one arm?
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Why is neil peart rush a famous drummer?

Because he is the most rippin' drummer in the world! Best drummer of this generation at least! Rush is really famous as well as neil

Who is neil peart?

Neil is the drummer for Canadian rock band Rush. Many fans believe he is the greatest drummer of this generation.

Who is better the drummer from dragonforce or the drummer for rush?

Kind of a weird question to be asking since half of Dragonforce`s songs are done with a drum machine and Neil Peart (drummerr of Rush) is on of the best technical drummers in the world. The answer is rush`s drummer.

Who is Rush's current drummer?

Neil Peart

What is the last name of Rush's drummer?

Neil Peart

Which group's drummer lost an arm in a car accident?

Rick Allen drummer for Def Leppard

Who is the most popular member of rush?

Neil Peart the drummer.

Who is neil pert?

The drummer for the Canadian Rock Band, Rush.

Does the was not was drummer have one arm?

well yes, Def Leppard. Their drummer Rick Allen was in drunken driving car accident around Christmas in 1984 right after recording "Pyromania" and his left arm was severed by his seat belt. The doctors tried to reattach it but it became gangrenous and they had to toss it. He helped design an electronic drum kit that let him drum again but he did eventually set aside alot of the triggers and start drumming on real skins. In the late 60's The Barbarians had a one armed drummer, and a song about said drummer, "Moulty".

What year did the drummer of def lepperd lose his arm?


How many tattoos does Brandon Rush have?

7 (3 on each arm and one on his right leg)

What is Neil Peart famous for?

Neil is the drummer for the Canadian rock band Rush, and many rock fans believe he is the best drummer in music today.