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No........... My RP doesn't have any girl friends............

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Q: Does rp singh have a girlfriend?
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What is rp singh's nickname?

no cricket player will be so good as my rp

Who is the most wicket-taker in ipl2?

Rp singh

Highest no of wicket taker in ipl 2009?

As of now it is Rudra Pratap Singh (RP Singh)

Who won purple cap of IPL 2009?

RP Singh

Who is RP Singh?

Rudra Pratap Singh, is an Indian left handed fast-medium bowler from Uttar Pradesh.

Does RP Singh have a girl friend?

no. rp dont have any girlfriends. HE knows his duty. Not like other cricket players . this is what makes him unique

Who was the leading bowler in 2009 IPL edition?

Rp singh Decan Chargers

Top 20wicket takers in ipl 2009?

Rp Singh from Deccan Chargers

Who was the leading wicket taker for Deccan Chargers in the DLF IPL 2008?

RP Singh

What is RP Singh's height?

He is about 5'10.5'' He's a really nice guy and he's very intellegent

Who is Aditya Rajput Singh's girlfriend?

No one can't be his girlfriend because I am waiting for him. I am aditya rajput singh's girlfriend. My name start with letter v and end with a.