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no,she didn't really do that!

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Q: Does rihanna kiss the girl in te amo song?
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Why does Chris Browns song deuces sound a lot like Te amo?

To me deuces doesn't sound like Te Amo.

In rihannas new song te amo is she tlaking about a lesbian?

i think so, because in the song theres a little bit of hesitation towards the relationship.

Was chris brown talking about Rihanna in his new song deuces?

Yes i believe he was.... But also he was posing the same song to all the people who he feels have been sabotaging him since he released Graffiti, In My Zone(mixtape). Also because of all the obstacles everyone's been giving him when he's also trying to move on just like Rihanna is(visas being denied to him when he was on tour, stores not stocking his album, stations not playing his music etc.).This is why he's chosen to go the mixtape route. He wants to still reach out to his fans, create a buzz about him again, and eventually win over peoples hearts. Budget-wise its easier to release a mixtape than to release an album and risk that flopping. Once he does that then there will be a demand for him again and maybe he can be as big an artist as he was before. And i think it is no coincidence that the song sounds like Te Amo. Considering this was released off a mixtape, its common for artists to do remixes of other artists' songs on their mixtapes. This was probably his way of covertly directing the song at her too.

How many songs does Rihanna have?

she has 35 songs out

What actors and actresses appeared in Yo amo a Paquita Gallego - 1997?

The cast of Yo amo a Paquita Gallego - 1997 includes: Jaime Barbini as Raimundo Rugeles (1997) Juvenal Camacho as Nicolas Marcela Carvajal as Soledad Gallego Luis Fernando Salas as John Jairo Zapata Carolina Lizarazo as Bettina Lucetti Lino Martone as Esteban Luis Mesa as Javier Hidalgo Juan Pablo Shuk as Kennet Martin Fabiola Posada as Sefira Luz Stella Luengas as Tatiana Martin

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When was Te Amo - Rihanna song - created?

Te Amo - Rihanna song - was created in 2009.

What Rihanna's song te amo about?

It is about unrequited love; a girl is in love with her, but she doesn't feel the same way.She had a fun time with her, hanging out and possibly even flirting but she isn't in love with her and believes the words that the girl is telling her (Te Amo) is her saying she loves her which is true.

Who is the girl to Rihanna te amo?

she was her girlfriend because rihanna and Ashley are lesbians

By whom was the song Ti Amo written?

The song "Te Amo" was recorded by Rihanna and was released in June of 2010. The name of this song translated to "I Love You" in English and is also the name of songs by other artists.

How many songs did Rihanna sing?

Rhianna had 134 song that has be song and written.If you do believe me then go on Google and type in Rihanna lyrics and see for yourself.Some of Rihanna's songs include:DisturbiaPlease don't stop the musicGood girl gone badHate that I love youIf I never see your face againLive your lifePon De ReplayRehabRude boyRun this townRussian RouletteShut up and driveSOSTake a bowUmbrellaTe Amo

What is rihanna album Te Amo on it?

rated r

Who was the person who actually wrote te amo?

"Te Amo" is a song by singer-songwriter and musician Rihanna, but the actual songwriting credits go to James Fauntleroy and Stargate - Mikkel S. Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermansen.

What is the meaning of the name Rihanna?

shine bright like a diamond

What does te amo te beso mean?

Te amo = I love you. Te beso = I kiss you.

What does besame porque te amo mean?

bésame porque te amo = kiss me because I love you

What is 'I love to kiss' when translated from English to Italian?

Amo baciare

What song's do Rihanna sing?

Disturbia Take a Bow Emergency Room Ft Akon <3 Hatin' on the Club Ft The Dream <3 A Girl like me Bad Ft Chris Brown <3 Haunted S&M Umbrella Pon De Replay Te amo SOS these are just some of her songs