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Q: Does paul jr from occ have children?
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Is Ody on Paul Jr designs the same Cody that was once on OCC?

No Ody is a worker for Paul Jr, Cody who used to work for OCC works with Vinny at V Force Customs.

What is paul jr's roll at occ now?

Paul is now consulting for OCC..He helps overlook designs and is the creative one at OCC.He comes in only when they need help..His father has a power struggle cause Jr is by far the heart of OCC..His insecurity makes him fight with Jr..

Is paul jr still on occ?

Share holder 20%

Did Rick Petko leave OCC to join Paul Jr at his Paul Jr Designs?

No , he's started his own shop back in PA.

How much does TLC pay occ?

The amount that TLC paid the OCC cast varied between members. Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. made $100,000 per episode.

Does paul jr own occ?

He owns 20% but sr. is trying to buy him out of his share

Did paul teutul jr go to his grandmothers funeral?

Did Jr go to grandmothers funeral from occ

How much is paul teutul jr worth?

As of 2010, Paul Teutel Jr. is worth around 15 Million,Paul Sr, being worth 25 Million as the business owner.Paul Michael "Paulie" Teutul Jr. is worth about 1.5 million dollars. He is also co-founder and (WAS) part owner of OCC. Paulie owners about 20% of OCC shares and stock in the company. He is currently in a law suit with his father.Paul Jr. has started his own motorcycle business "Paul Jr. Designs". Reports states that Paul Jr. is bringing on several former OCC employees including Michael Teutul (his brother), Vinnie DiMartino, and Nub.

Was paul teutul jr's girlfriend originally a mccuff girl?

Yes she was...if you watch the episode when OCC built the McCuff bike, she was one of the models.

Eragon bike on American chopper?

Is there a question here? If you are asking did American Choppers do an eragon chopper the anwser is yes, Paul Jr designed it OCC built it.

What was Paul teutul jr settlement from Paul teutul sr?

1. The black widow bike used in the first episode of American Chopper on TLC. 2. 4.3 Million in cash for his 20% of OCC

What style of gatorz sunglasses does paul jr wear?

Gatorz Radiator when he was with OCC. Gatorz Magnum now carry the PJD logo. Both styles would have orange lenses.