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Q: Does naruto know his father is minato in the movie the lost tower?
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What is super rasengan?

Is a rasengan that Naruto and his father Minato do at the 4th movie ''The Lost Tower'' that you can see at

What is the Naruto movie in where Naruto travels back into the past called?

The Naruto movie where Naruto travels back in time is called The Lost Tower.

How many Naruto and Naruto Shippuden movies are there and what are they called?

there are 4 movies so far naruto shippuden the movie naruto shippuden movie 2 bonds naruto shippuden movie 3 inheritors of the will of fire naruto movie 4 the lost tower

Will there be a fourth Naruto Shippuden movie?

Yes. The Lost Tower

What was the name of that Naruto movie that Naruto was with shion?

It actually was just called Naruto: Shippuden the Movie. The next was; Naruto Shippuden 2: Bonds Naruto Shippuden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire Naruto Shippuden 4: The Lost Tower

What are the Naruto Shippuden movies called?

Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of SnowNaruto the Movie 2: Legend of the Stone of GelelNaruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon KingdomNaruto Shippūden 2: BondsNaruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of Will of FireNaruto Shippuden Movie 4 - The Lost Tower

Is there a Naruto Shippuden movie 4?

Yes, there is one its called The Lost Tower.

Who is Sara in Naruto Shippuden movie 4 The Lost Tower?

She is the ruler of Rōran.

Does naruto learn a new jutsu after the lost tower?

The lost tower is a movie and as such, non-canon. It doesn't affects the manga.

Where is the Tokyo tower located in Japan?

Minato-ku,Tokyo4-2-8 Shiba-Koen, Minato, Tokyo

What is Naruto movie fours name?

Naruto: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, Legend of the Stone of Gelel,Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom,Naruto Shippuden: Naruto: Shippūden the Movie, Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds, Naruto Shippūden 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire, and recently Naruto Shippūden 4: The Lost Tower

Where to Watch Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 The Lost Tower Subs? is the best place to be!