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I really hope so :D I'm a big fan so I'm looking forward to see what will happen betweet Naruto and Sakura :D :D

Probably, because the pairing is two-sided and they spend a lot of time together. To be honest, this far in the series, NaruSaku really is the only pairing that actually makes sense now.

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Most likely judging by where the manga is heading, but we will just have to wait and see.

I agree, it most likely will, but there's still room for a change of heart when the newer chapters come out. Since Sakura claimed to no longer love Sasuke, she might have fallen in love with Naruto. It's up to the creator.

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No, it doesn't happen, but there is a chance that it may happen in the future.

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Q: Does narusaku happen and if it does what episode?
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Does narusaku happen?

It is not confirmed yet. Well, yeah! It happens! Dont worry all narusaku fans, there is no naruhina!

Does Sakura tell Naruto she likes him?

yes episode 849 might be here also sorry American narusaku fans

Who will naruto end up Dating?

Currently naruto isn't dating anyone. If it does happen, it most likely will be NaruSaku.

Is there any Kishimoto interview talks about Narusaku?

No . But he said that Narusaku are more close and Naruhina are like more epic love life. Narusaku will happend. Sasusaku will never happend that's for sure

Would Sakura and Naruto be a good couple?

hehe i think it would be they look cute together <3 NaruSaku will happen cuz i want it 2 lol ^ - ^ no i mean naruhinas cute sometimes but i don't think it will happen. (THATS MY OPION!). I luv NaruSaku and i will never change my mind. But loads of people are saying NaruSasu is gunno happen... ? - ~ - EEK! I LUV NARUSASU but only in a brotherly best m8s way. ^-^

Is there any narusaku moments?

yes tons of narusaku moment how do i know because i watched shippuden good enough to see that.

Will NaruSaku work?

Wait and see

What will happen to Hinata if Narusaku happens?

Nothing, probably. She will be a little heartbroken because she loves Naruto, but Hinata will also be happy because she knows that Naruto would be happy.

NaruSaku is real right?

Well.. They aren't really together.

Will naruhina happen?

The chances say "no". But it is possible in the sense that anything is possible. Probably not. It has a greater chance than SasuSaku(by about 2% more) but NaruSaku is still currently the leading pairing(98% chance).

What is the most popular naruto couples?

Well it depends on the person really. Some ones would be NaruHina, NaruSaku, and even maybe ShikaTema. Though, none of these were to happen yet.

When will seddie happen?

Seddie will happen on a episode named iOMG in the last episode of Season 4. Then in Season 5 they will start to date.