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well it depends on how she feels and when you call her

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Q: Does miley get mad when you call her?
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Does Miley Cyrus get mad if you call her?

Not unless you call her more than once.

Is miley mad at Selena?

Yea. Miley's always mad at selena. (It's called acting you like her.) Miley's jealous. :/

Why is miley mad at Selena?

Becuase she and Selena were friends. But Nick broke up with Miley for Selena,so now Miley is mad. (P.S. I am a Miley hater and a Selena fan.)

Any famous mad sisters?

im Miley Cyrus and im madim Miley Cyrus and im mad

Is Miley Cyrus mad at her show?


What does Miley Cyrus look for in a girl?

i love Miley Cyrus if she was gay she was mad

Is Miley mad at her parents?

she sometimes it but it dosent mean that she will be mad at her parents forever.

Was Miley Cyrus dad mad when she had her baby?

Her dad is mad that she is pregnant but he doesn't care

Is miley cyrus's dad mad at her for her video?

No, she is making lots of money there is no reason for him to be mad at her.

What is worng with Miley Cyrus relationship?

she gets mad

How did Lilly act when she know miley was Hannah?

She got mad, because she thought they could tell each other everything. But then she forgave. then Miley got mad because Lilly accidentally called Miley by the name Hannah.

Are Selena and Demi mad at Miley and Mandy?

No they were not mad they were OK about it they said they were just having fun