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Yes, Undertaker does have kids. 2 boys and 2 girls.The first two kids are sons by Jodi Lynn - Gunnar Vincent and Maruc Luke Callaway, Jr (born in 1985 & 1987) and First daughter Chasey with Sara [2002] and He and wife Sara had their second child, a girl they have named Gracie Calaway. [May 2005].

Taker has only 1 son & 2 daughters ... his son Gunnar was born March 24, 1992 (Taker's B-day). Taker & his 1st wife were married from 1989-1999. Then his marriage to Sara was from 2000-2007(not sure if has become official even though his neck Tattoo of Sara has been gone since 2008).
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Q: Does mark callaway have any kids?
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