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Well obviously it'd be louis, but apart from him, I'm not sure. Daisy tomlinsons fave member of 1D apart from louis is niall because jay tomlinson (louis mum) tweeted: daisy confessed after tea that she is going to marry you niall but she has to finish school first! Wait for her haha :) xx. I know I haven't helped much sorry :)

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Q: Does lottie tomlinson have a favourite member of one direction?
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think RitaOra favorite member one direction is harry styles or louis tomlinson

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Nope. Louis Tomlinson is a member of One Direction

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Yes, Louis Tomlinson is the oldest member of One Direction as he is 21

Who is the oldest member of 1 direction?

Louis Tomlinson

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louis tomlinson

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Louis Tomlinson is the oldest member of One Direction born on (1991-12-24) December 24, 1991

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the oldest member of one direction is Louis Tomlinson.

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1. Louis Tomlinson, He's 20 years old.2. Zayn Malik 193. Liam Payne 184. Niall Horan 185. Harry Styles 18You can also search them up on Wikipedia!

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Louis Tomlinson, a member of the band One Direction, is a christian

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The oldest member of one direction is Louis tomlinson who is 19.

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Louis Tomlinson

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Louis Tomlinson :)