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Yes Lil Wayne does wear skinny jeans if you look him up right now he mostly wears skinny jeans...i mean maybe not on his free time but when he gotta do a show or u kno go on television and stuff he wears skinny jeans...Google images lilwayne skinny jeans...

Lil Wayne does NOT wear skinny jeans. He wears slim straight jeans and saggs them down below his bottom and the calls them skinny jeans. He's really just a poser.

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Q: Does lil Wayne wear skinny jeans?
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What kind of jeans does lil wayne wear?

Skinny jeans as I so on his concert

Why does lil Wayne wear skinny jeans now?

Because skinny jeans "is the style" now ,but he looks better in baggy jeans

What brand of jeans does lil Wayne wear?

Lil Wayne is a hip hop singer, CEO of Young Money, producer, etc. He is known to wear Levi jeans.

What size is Lil Wayne in Jeans?

Lil Wayne wears size 64 he looks skinny but the tattoos cover his fat if u havent allready noticed

What brand of skinny jeans does lil Wayne wear?

Lil Wayne's style has changed from typical street rapper style to trendsetting rockstar look. He mixes skatebrands with high-end-fashion. Including but not limited to: Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Converse, LRG, Nike, Adidas Originals, A Bathing Ape, Diamond Co. Supply, DC, etc...

What brand are lil Wayne's designer jeans from the A Millie video?


What brand are Lil Wayne's designer jeans from the On Fire video?

Luios vittuon

Why does Lil Wayne always wear glasses?

Lil Wayne 'always' wears glasses because he is an Uncle Tom.

In which vedeos did Lil Wayne wear da Haitian bandana?


What kind of necklaces does Lil Wayne wear?

very expensive

What hand does lil Wayne wear his g shock?


Why does lil Wayne wear red?

Lil Wayne wears red because hes part of the gang called the Bloods and their color is red