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Yes, he smokes. He said at twitter, this year, that he's trying to stop. But in recent pictures at the Mayfair Hotel, he's smoking.

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Q: Does lee Ryan the blue band smoke?
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Who is Lee Ryan?

lee Ryan is one of the person in the band called blue

Who is the lead singer of the boy band blue?

Lee Ryan

What is Lee Ryan's kid called?

Lee Ryan (Member of band 'Blue') has got a baby boy called Rayn Amethyst Ryan.

Who are the boy band blue?

Its a group of boys who names are Simon Webb,Duncan James,Anthony Costa and Lee Ryan and there a band called blue.

Who are members of the band Blue?

Duncan James, Lee Ryan, Simon Webb and Antony Costa

What is the names of the band blue?

antony costa simon webbe duncan james lee ryan

When was Lee Ryan of the band Blue born?

Lee Ryan of the band Blue was born on June 17, 1983 in Chatham, Kent, England UK. He lived a very bad life, his parents split when he was around 6, he lived with his mother, sister and grandmother.

What is the name of blue band boys?

antony costa simon webbe duncan james lee ryan

What was the bands name that had the word blue in it?

The Screaming Blue Messiahs, Blue Oyster Cult,

How old is Ryan Scott lee?

Ryan Scott Lee is 16

What is Ryan lee's from super 8 favorite color?

His favourite colour is Blue! YAY! just like mine!

What is Lee Ryan's birthday?

Lee Ryan was born on June 17, 1983.