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She Sure Does His Name Is Miguel Guzman but know as Miko he is 22 & a aspiring rapper they have been together since 2007

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She Does Have A Boyfriend Right Now Named Miko He Is Dominican Like Her They Met At Mayfair In Allentown,PA They Have Together Since May 27, 2010.

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Yes, she does. Don't know how many.

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yes she have a kid by Chris Brown

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Q: Does kat deluna have any kids?
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What is Kat Deluna?

Kat Deluna is a famous singer

Does Kat Deluna have a brother?

kat deluna has 2 brothers

What country is kat deluna from?

Kat Deluna is Dominican American.

Does Kat Deluna have sisters?

Yes, Kat DeLuna has sisters.

What is the birth name of Kat DeLuna?

Kat DeLuna's birth name is Kathleen Empatriz DeLuna.

Is Coviceaperry related to Kat DeLuna?

Yes, Coviceaperry and Kat Deluna are cousins. Coviceaperry's grandmother and Kat DeLuna's mother are sisters.

How much does Kat deluna weigh?

kat deluna weighs 120

Is kat deluna dominican?

Yes Kat Deluna is Dominican- American

What is Kat DeLuna's birthday?

Kat DeLuna was born on November 26, 1987.

Who old kat deluna will be in 2011?

In 2011 kat deluna will be 24 years old

Is the song are you dreaming by kat deluna or akon?

its kat deluna's but akon was featured as the remiz

Does kat deluna sing?

yes kat deluna does sing...she has 2 songs released in the UK