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He doesn't have a sister called Abbie.

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Q: Does justin bieber sister abbie play on webkinz?
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Does Justun Bieber have a sister?

Justin Bieber has a sister called Abbie. They have different names due to family reasons.

Who is Justin Biever's sister?

its bieber and he has a baby sister named Jazmin and a stepsister named Abbie

Who is Abbie Bieber to Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber does NOT have a sister named Abbie. It may be some fan being a fan and putting his last name as hers. She may be his cousin, but they are not in the same immediate family.

Does Justin Bieber have an older sister?

No. Justin Bieber only has one younger half sister named Jazmyn Bieber (nickname Jazzy), who was born on May 30th, 2008. There is NO Abbie Bieber or any other older sister.

Does Justin Bieber Have A Sister Name Aniyah?

Yes, Justin Bieber has a half-sister, Jazmin, who was born on May 30, 2008.

Does Justin Bieber have a brother named David?

No but Justin Bieber has a little sister name Jazmin. He also has a younger brother named Jaxon. Also, he even has an older step sister named Abbie.

Do Justin bieber have a sister name abbie?

No he doesn't have a sister called Abbie.He has a Half-sister and a Half-brother from his dads sideHis little sister is called Jazmyn Bieber and his little brother is called Jaxon Bieber.

What is abbie biebers favourite song?

Abbie Bieber is not a real person, and no relation to Justin Bieber.

Is Forrest Landis related to John Landis?

christian Frankie abbie bieber are Justin's brothers and 1 sister

Does Justin Bieber like abbie eason?

no he doesn't

Abbie's father is Justin Gednalske I thought?

Yes Justin Gednalske is abbie mays father i am her sister...

How old is Justin biebers older step sister abbie?

Justin does not have a step-sister he has a younger half sister names Jazmyn and she is 2 going to be 3 soon.