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Considering that he's dating Selena Gomez who's a brunette, evidence would suggests that he prefers brunettes.

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Q: Does justin bieber prefer blonde or bernette?
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What hair color does Justin bieber prefer?

Justin Bieber prefers black hair on girls.

Why Justin bieber prefer the older women?

Justin Bieber prefers an older women because he is gay.

Who is cuter prefer Justin Bieber or nat wolff?

Justin Bieber fo'sho!!! Nate is a fugly little girl!

Who sings better Michael Jackson or Justin bieber?

It's a matter of opinion, some people prefer Michael and some prefer Justin.

What kind of condoms does Justin Bieber prefer?

the glow in the dark kind

What kind of hair does Justin Bieber prefer?

He prefers dark haired women.

Does Justin Bieber like any size girl?

Justin might prefer kind of in the middle size girl but im not sure

Is Ezra Koenig better than Justin Bieber?

It Depends On The Musical Style You Prefer To Listen To...

Is Justin Starr Bruno Mars?

Musical preference is dependent on the person. Each person has different taste I personally like Bruno Mars over Justin Bieber, but you might prefer Justin Bieber or you might like them both equally, its all a mater of taste.

What does Justin Bieber prefer mac or PC?

Persons involved in music or acting prefer Mac. It falls on the audio and visual formats Mac have made.

Does Justin Bieber prefer mac or PC?

PCs for sure.. I went to his concert in Boston and I asked him, he said Yes

What kind of clothes would Justin Bieber like on a girl?

he'd prefer if you didn't wear clothes at all